Our Bakery

Hess Bakery & Deli is known for our German pretzels, rolls, and varieties of bread. We have  bakers onsite who prepare our goods fresh daily, so our products are just out of the oven when our doors open at 9:00 AM.

Our selection includes:
• Westfalian Sourdough Rye (Bauernbrot)
• German Rye (Mischbrot)
• Pumpernickel Bread
• Whole Grain Breads (Vollkorn, 7-Grain, Sovital)
• French Bread (Baguette & Pan)
• Pretzels (Traditional, Rolls, & Sticks)
• Assorted German Broetchen
• Also Cake Layers (Tortenboden), Sweet Pretzels, & Braids (Zopf)
Hess is more than just a bakery. Our deli sandwiches are traditional
"Belegtes Brot" and our German grocery store has all the authentic
products you're looking for!